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We help automotive users fulfil their repair, maintenance and support needs.

Our journey started in 2021 with a vision to provide assistance to stranded vehicles as well as build an online community of automotive technicians. The idea drew inspiration from the selfless contributions of community service workers during the pandemic. Our founding partners with their years of experience in the automotive sector developed Auto Aid for this purpose. The Auto Aid App connects vehicle owners and automotive service providers on a single platform enabling a hassle-free journey. Vehicle Owners are able to easily find the nearest automotive service personnel at their fingertips while Automotive Technicians increase their revenues by servicing new customers.
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Auto Aid ensures the finest automotive service experience anywhere, anytime with our wide technical team base, timely service and flexible pricing.

Assisting users with hassle-free journeys across India

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Building a more sustainable future


Pollution & Waste

Our entire workflow is managed digitally through our App, reducing paper usage. We also use environment-friendly products to service vehicles.

Resource & Land Use

Refurbishment of vehicle components always takes precedence over new resource consumption. We actively promote recycling and are particular about the disposal of auto parts to reduce landfills.


Health & Safety

The formation of Auto Aid was driven by a genuine concern for the safety of those stranded on roads & highways. We ensure rapid response to reduce the duration motorists are stranded, minimizing exposure to potential hazards.

Community Impact

Continuously providing additional revenue to more than 3,000 members of the Automobile Technician community. We also support local businesses and contribute to local economies.


Risk Management

Our service is essentially providing a solution to manage the risks of automobile breakdowns. We adhere to stringent safety standards and maintain transparency in our operations, offering the utmost assurance to our customers.

Leadership & Corporate Governance

We are a platform for Technician communities and are demonstrating beneficial new ways of providing service. Our leadership ensures an unbiased, ethical and inclusive workspace promoting innovation and efficiency.

A helping hand for all Automobile users

We help Automotive users to fulfil their repair, maintenance and support needs.
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