Refund Policy

Refund Policy and Terms of Service

Last updated 4th April 2024

Refund Policy

AutoAid does not provide a guarantee of service beyond the initial 45 days. After Completion of Service Books Through Autoaid. If a customer is dissatisfied with the service during this period, AutoAid will make efforts to arrange an alternative service from another partner in our application. It’s important to note that AutoAid service charges are not refundable.

Terms of Service

Service Guarantee Duration

AutoAid does not guarantee services beyond the initial 45 days. After this period, customers are not eligible for a refund.

Alternative Service Arrangement

If a customer is dissatisfied with Provider the service within the first 15 days, AutoAid will make arrangements for an alternative service from another partner listed in our application.

Freedom of Choice

Customers are not obligated to choose a service from the partner initially recommended by AutoAid. They are free to select any partner based on their preferences.

Quality of Service

AutoAid disclaims control over the quality of service provided by partners. Customers are advised to make selections based on partner reviews available on the AutoAid platform.

Non-Refundable Service Charge

AutoAid service charges are non-refundable. This includes any fees associated with the facilitation of service arrangements.


Any dissatisfaction or concerns related to the service should be promptly communicated to AutoAid through the designated channels.
Note: AutoAid strives to offer a convenient and flexible service-facilitation platform. These terms and conditions clarify the role of AutoAid, emphasize customer independence in choosing service partners, and specify the non-refundable nature of AutoAid service charges.
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