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Maintaining the shine of your vehicle is not just a luxury, it’s a statement. Daily drives and the changing weather conditions in Chennai can take a toll on your car and make it prone to dirt, grime, and wear. To preserve the shine of your car, you need more than car cleaning at home chennai.

At Auto Aid, our professional vehicle cleaning services go beyond a simple wash, we revive and rejuvenate your car to ensure that the car remains fresh and clean, and as your source of pride. Book our services today to experience reliable and ultimate car washing services in Chennai.

Our Exclusive Vehicle Washing Services in Chennai

Premium Car Wash

Give your car the luxurious experience that it needs, our premium car wash includes both meticulous exterior and interior cleaning. We pay close attention to every inch, for a spotless finish providing a deep clean that combines sophistication with freshness.

Foam Wash

Experience a gentle and highly effective foam wash that upgrades your car’s appearance. This method lifts away dirt from your car with a flawlessly clean exterior. We ensure a thorough cleaning without any risk of scratches.

Interior Detailing

Our interior detailing service covers every nook and corner of the car to ensure a comprehensive cleaning customized for your car’s interior. The result is not just cleanliness but the definition of freshness and comfort every time you step into your car.

Exterior Detailing

Reveal the true beauty of your car’s exterior with our comprehensive detailing service. We offer waxing and polishing to go beyond a regular wash and to give your car a showroom-like shine.

Bike Wash

Our bike wash Chennai service provides dedicated attention to ensure that bikes receive the same level of care as cars, leaving them looking sleek and well-maintained. Your bike will get a fresh experience of cleanliness and style after our specialized bike wash.

Glass Polishing Services

Providing crystal-clear visibility is our priority, and our glass polishing services are designed to achieve just that. We specialize in removing streaks and smudges from your car’s windows to make sure you have a clear and unobstructed view while driving.

Clay Bar Treatment Service

Restore your car’s paint with our car cleaners in Chennai. This process is aimed at removing contaminants that regular washing might miss. The result is a smooth and polished finish that brings out the true vibrancy of your car’s paint and gives it a new look.

Waterless Car Wash

Welcome an eco-friendly option with our waterless car wash. This service not only conserves water but also ensures a thorough cleaning process. Despite using less water our cleaning is comprehensive, leaving your car spotless.

How To Book Our Washing Services

Download the Auto Aid App

Begin your journey to a sparkling car by downloading our user-friendly app, which provides access to seamless booking.

Fill in Your Details

Personalize your experience by entering essential vehicle and contact details, and creating a profile.

Schedule Your Timing

Choose a time that suits your schedule. We will grant you the flexibility to have your car cleaned at your convenience.

Get your Car Washed by Professionals

Experience car cleaning from the comfort of your home, Chennai with our professionals, and get ready to enhance your car’s cleanliness.

Why Choose Us

Quality Wash Service

Our commitment extends beyond a surface-level clean, we provide quality that leaves your vehicle spotless and pristine.

Doorstep Wash

Enjoy the convenience of our car cleaning at doorstep in Chennai, saving you time and effort while your car receives thorough care.

Professional Staff

We assign your car to a team of trained professionals who understand the complexities of meticulous car cleaning.

Premium Equipment Used

Upgrade your car's care with state-of-the-art equipment and top-notch cleaning products to ensure a premium cleaning experience.

360-Vehicle Care

From interior detailing to exterior cleaning, our services offer comprehensive care, guaranteeing every aspect of your vehicle is attended to.

Myths and Facts About Car Wash

Fact: Washing your car in direct sunlight is a common myth. The sun can cause soap and water to dry quickly and leave soap and water spots on your car’s surface. It’s better to wash your car in a shaded area to ensure a more thorough and spot-free cleaning.

Fact: Allowing your car to air dry after washing can lead to water spots. Water contains minerals that can leave deposits on your car’s surface as it evaporates. It is recommended to use a clean, soft microfiber cloth to hand dry your car for a spot-free finish.

Fact: Using excessive soap doesn’t necessarily mean a cleaner car. It can leave residue and streaks. Follow the recommended dilution ratios on the car wash product, and use the proper amount to get the best results without wasting the product.

Fact: While rain may help rinse off loose dirt, it doesn’t provide a thorough cleaning. Rainwater can contain pollutants and contaminants that may harm your car’s finish. A proper hand wash or a visit to a professional car wash is more effective.

Stories of Trust and Satisfaction

Here is what our thrilled users have to say.
Arjun Vijayan
Arjun Vijayan
Happy Customer
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Excellent and very user-friendly app. My car stopped at Thrissur and I searched for any mechanic near me but I couldn't find any mechanic. Then I use this app, They call immediately and they arrange a good mechanic for us, and I am very satisfied. Good customer care services. I suggest that an app for emergency services.
Vimal Nair
Vimal Nair
Happy Customer
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Auto Aid definitely is truly amazing for first-time users. Currently, the option is in Kerela. I had my car stuck in mud for almost 2 days. I was upset and helpless when my friend referred me to the app. I had Sreejith the consulting manager who reached out to me proactively and followed up constantly to understand the situation and provided all the options. He later ensured there was a mechanic in a 10 km radius to come and help. Recommend All KL people try it.
Cyril Jacob Harriet
Cyril Jacob Harriet
Happy Customer
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Used the services again after a year and still the same quality of service and follow-ups from customer care. It was a good experience using the app, especially the customer care follow-up for speedy service. It's cheap to get service at the doorstep and cheaper than getting a mechanic to repair during a breakdown of the vehicle. Keep up the good work for prompt service.
Nikhil S Babu
Nikhil S Babu
Happy Customer
Read More
Very useful app. My bike stopped at night and I didn't know what to do. I tried the app for the first time. And more than satisfied with the response. After that, a technician came by and helped me start the vehicle. All along there was a helpline customer care executive who was in touch with me and thanks to all behind the app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Auto Aid, personal items are handled with utmost care, and our professionals take necessary precautions to safeguard them during cleaning.
Yes, we provide packages and loyalty discounts for our regular customers, ensuring ongoing value for their trust.
Regular dusting, vacuuming, and promptly addressing spills help maintain cleanliness between professional cleaning sessions.
Mild, non-abrasive cleaners are recommended for quick spot cleaning to ensure surfaces remain undamaged.
Professional car washing uses specialized equipment, products, and techniques to ensure a thorough and safe clean that surpasses home washing capabilities.
After the wash, a meticulous inspection is conducted to ensure every aspect meets our uncompromising standards and ensures your car is truly ready for the road.
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