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Don’t let car problems ruin your plans in Maharashtra. When unexpected repairs arise, trust Auto Aid’s efficient and reliable solutions to get you back on the road quickly, all without leaving your home.

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Vehicle owners often face unforeseen issues, from engine troubles to electrical malfunctions. These situations can be daunting, especially when you’re stuck away from home. Choosing expert car care and maintenance services is essential for ensuring your vehicle’s longevity and reliability.

Auto Aid understands the nuances of car repairs and offers top-notch services to keep your vehicle in prime condition in Maharashtra.

Our services

Mechanical Repair Service

AutoAid’s professionals thoroughly inspect and repair your vehicle’s mechanical components, including transmission, suspension, and brakes, using state-of-the-art diagnostic tools.

Auto Electrical

AutoAid handles wiring, batteries, lighting, and various electronic components, replacing faulty parts to ensure all electrical systems function seamlessly.

AC Repair Service

AutoAid fixes issues such as leaks, malfunctioning compressors, and poor cooling, ensuring your car’s AC performs at its best.

Body Repair

Our technicians expertly restore your vehicle’s exterior, repairing dents, scratches, and other damages with precision.

ECU Repair

We diagnose and repair issues with the Engine Control Unit (ECU), ensuring smooth communication between the engine and other systems.

Accessory Fitment

Enhance your vehicle with additional features such as audio systems, GPS devices, and security systems.

Engine Decarbonizing

Boost fuel efficiency and overall engine performance by removing carbon buildup from the engine.

Bike Towing

Bike Repairing

Get comprehensive bike services, including brake repairs, electrical fixes, and tire replacements, right at your doorstep.

Advantages of AutoAid Vehicle Repair
service in Maharashtra


Routine vehicle maintenance and repairs in Maharashtra extend your car’s lifespan, preventing rust and unexpected failures.


Regular car service in Maharashtra enhances fuel efficiency by keeping engine oil and other critical components in optimal condition.


Scheduled maintenance in Maharashtra improves vehicle performance, reducing the risk of breakdowns.


Consistent care of car parts in Maharashtra minimizes the need for replacements, saving you both time and money.


Prioritizing safety through regular repairs and maintenance in Maharashtra helps avoid accidents and breakdowns, which is everyone’s primary concern.

Our Effective 4-Step Repair Process!

Download the Auto Aid App

Start by downloading the Auto Aid app to schedule your vehicle repair.

Choose a Skilled Mechanic

Select a certified mechanic in Maharashtra from our team of experts.

Confirm Service Request

Confirm your service needs with our customer support for seamless assistance.

Enjoy Doorstep Service

Experience hassle-free repairs with our convenient doorstep service.

What Makes Auto Aid Maharashtra's Leading Car Mechanic

Commitment to Vehicle Safety

We focus on vehicle safety, offering dependable repair services

Genuine Spare Parts Guarantee

We provide a guarantee on genuine spare parts that meet manufacturer standards.

Doorstep Pickup and Drop Services

Enjoy the convenience of hassle-free repairs with our doorstep service.

Certified Technicians for Quality Service

Our skilled professionals deliver reliable repair services.

Transparent Service Practices

We ensure transparency in our processes to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Stories of Trust and Satisfaction

Here is what our thrilled users have to say.
Ankit S
Ankit S
Happy Customer
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I had a battery issue on the highway, but Auto Aid arrived swiftly and fixed it. Their quick and professional service was impressive.
Vikram Mahajan
Vikram Mahajan
Happy Customer
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I’ve used various car repair services, but Auto Aid stands out for their professionalism and efficiency. I’ll definitely use their services again.
Dev Hans
Dev Hans
Happy Customer
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Getting my bike serviced by Auto Aid was a breeze. The technician arrived on time and did a thorough job. Highly recommended!
Yash Lodha
Yash Lodha
Happy Customer
Read More
Auto Aid offers excellent customer service. They kept me informed throughout the repair process and ensured my car was back on the road in no time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An engine diagnostic service involves analysis of your vehicle’s engine using specialized tools to identify potential issues and ensure performance in the long run.
Immediate service is required if you notice warning lights, unusual noises, decreased performance, smoke, vibrations, or odors while driving.
Replace your car’s air filter every 15,000 kilometers or annually for good performance and fuel efficiency.
Synthetic oil offers lubrication and stability at extreme temperatures, choose optimal oil based on your vehicle’s needs, considering factors like the car’s age and driving conditions.
Improve fuel efficiency by maintaining proper tire inflation, driving smoothly, reducing vehicle weight, using the right oil, and ensuring a clean air filter.
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