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Breakdown Services kochi

Most Reliable Roadside Assistance in Kochi

Picture this, you are with your family returning from a late-night drive experiencing a sudden tire blowout on an empty road. This is just one of the many breakdowns, that can happen on the road when you are with your loved ones or all alone. With family by your side and no idea of who to contact for help, you can be panicked by the situation at hand.
Take a deep breath, because we have got you covered with car breakdown service Kochi, Auto Aid’s 24/7 quick and reliable roadside assistance. We can get you back on your way, in no time with our expert mechanics located across Kochi, who can serve you at any time of the day.

Our Quick, Efficient, and Always-Available Breakdown Services

Battery Jump Start

Your car may refuse to start because of various reasons that might have caused a dead battery. You can choose battery jump-start services near me from our vast network of mechanics based on your location, who will jump-start your vehicle using the proper gear so that you can carry on your journey hassle-free.

Repairs and Servicing

Weird noises coming from the front or engine light won’t go away? This needs expert attention. Our skilled mechanics will analyze the situation work on necessary things and resolve your problem within no time allowing you to confidently hit the road.

Emergency Fuel Support

The fuel indicator is empty, and the next petrol bunk is kilometers away from your location. We have all experienced this situation at least once in our lives. Request fuel support by contacting our customer care and they will assign a specialist that can bring fuel to your exact location.

Puncture Repair

A flat tire is never a piece of good news, that hiss from the tire can bring panic to us especially when there is no stepney tire in the car. Book a mechanic from our app and relax, our expert mechanic will bring every tool necessary to fix the puncture at the same place.

Key Lockout Assistance

Locked out of your car because you lost your keys? We have partnered with locksmiths who can work magic with their fingers and the right tools to make you a new key. These expert technicians will make sure you are back on the road, with keys in your hand.

Towing Service

A breakdown that can need more than a quick fix, vehicle towing. We provide towing services in Kochi to transport your car safely to our partnered mechanic shop or any destination of your choice so that you can relax in the hard times.

Bike Roadside Assistance

Facing a bike starting problem in Kochi? Two-wheelers can act weird sometimes and it can be challenging to pinpoint the problem to be fixed by yourself. Our experts will bring your bike back to life with proper tools, and with their expertise you can rest assured and get back on the road.

Vehicle Custody Support

Sometimes your vehicle requires more than just a repair, it needs to be diagnosed with industry standards at the service centers. That is why we offer vehicle custody support to take care of your car and get it back to your desired location.

Vehicle Engine Repair

If you are looking for a car jump start service Kochi, our mechanics will use advanced diagnostic tools to pinpoint the problem and will address the root cause behind the problem to prevent any further damage and ensure the longevity of the vehicle.

A Glimpse into Our Workflow

Install Auto Aid App

Car engine problem in Kochi? Install the Auto Aid app and let us be your trusted partner for assisting you.

Select the Right Mechanic

Choose a mechanic from our vast list of professionals based on the reviews, experience, and ratings.

Rapid Response Awaits

Get an immediate response from our customer care regarding the assistance and confirmation of your service.

On-site Support

Our customer care will send a capable mechanic to your location in no time to fix your car and get you back on the road.

Why Are We Your Best Choice?

24/7 Availability

We understand breakdowns won’t check the clock before striking, that is why we provide 24/7 services because your safety is our priority.

Trained Professionals

Our customer support is well-trained and can handle issues related to any vehicle breakdown issues without hassle, to provide you with reliable mechanics.

Quick and Efficient Services

We know your time is valuable, so we focus on getting you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Dedicated Technicians

Our mechanics are not just skilled, they are dedicated to getting your vehicle repaired quickly so that you can be back on your journey.

Across Kochi Availability

No matter where you are in Kochi, we have a vast network of mechanics that get to your location quickly to assist you with the repair.

Quality Spare/Body Parts

We only use Genuine and quality spare parts because we know that your vehicle's health is important, so that breakdowns won't happen again.

Stories of Trust and Satisfaction

Here is what our thrilled users have to say.
Arjun Vijayan
Arjun Vijayan
Happy Customer
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Excellent and very user-friendly app. My car stopped at Thrissur and I searched for any mechanic near me but I couldn't find any mechanic. Then I use this app, They call immediately and they arrange a good mechanic for us, and I am very satisfied. Good customer care services. I suggest that an app for emergency services.
Vimal Nair
Vimal Nair
Happy Customer
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Auto Aid definitely is truly amazing for first-time users. Currently, the option is in Kerela. I had my car stuck in mud for almost 2 days. I was upset and helpless when my friend referred me to the app. I had Sreejith the consulting manager who reached out to me proactively and followed up constantly to understand the situation and provided all the options. He later ensured there was a mechanic in a 10 km radius to come and help. Recommend All KL people try it.
Cyril Jacob Harriet
Cyril Jacob Harriet
Happy Customer
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Used the services again after a year and still the same quality of service and follow-ups from customer care. It was a good experience using the app, especially the customer care follow-up for speedy service. It's cheap to get service at the doorstep and cheaper than getting a mechanic to repair during a breakdown of the vehicle. Keep up the good work for prompt service.
Nikhil S Babu
Nikhil S Babu
Happy Customer
Read More
Very useful app. My bike stopped at night and I didn't know what to do. I tried the app for the first time. And more than satisfied with the response. After that, a technician came by and helped me start the vehicle. All along there was a helpline customer care executive who was in touch with me and thanks to all behind the app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If your vehicle cannot be repaired at its current location, we will take care of it while providing you with a cab service to reach your destination. Meanwhile, we will get your vehicle repaired and bring it back to your location at a time that is convenient for you.
Once our partner mechanic starts working on the vehicle, cancellation is not possible. But we provide a 3-month warranty after the service is completed.
Absolutely, We offer breakdown services for all major car brands, including Kia and Maruti, all in one place.

If you have any doubts about the status of your vehicle car jump start service Kochi, you can always reach out to our customer service executives who are available to clarify them. Additionally, if you need an immediate response about the condition of your vehicle, you can contact the mechanic.

Yes, there are additional charges for doorstep service that price depends on the distance of the workshop from the requested location. You can clarify the applicable charges with our customer care executives before proceeding with the requested service.
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