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Regular repairs are essential for proper maintenance of the vehicle, they are crucial for ensuring safety, reliability, and longevity. Timely repairs will also prevent the problems from escalating and save both money and sudden breakdowns. It is important to focus on the various parts of the vehicle regularly to identify these repairs. This includes warning lights, unusual noises, and changes in the performance. If you are experiencing any of these signs it is essential to seek professional assistance immediately.
At Auto Aid, we understand the importance of timely repairs which is why we offer prompt repair services to enhance the performance of your vehicle and ensure its health in the long run.

Our Diverse Range of Services

Mechanical Repair Service

Our mechanical car repair service includes engine diagnostics and repairs, transmission issues and gearbox repairs, suspension, and steering repairs, brake repairs, etc to ensure everything works well.

Electrical Repair Services

We conduct electrical diagnostics to offer repair and replacement services. This includes battery, alternator, starter motor, wiring, lighting system, and electrical mirror and window repairs.

Car AC Repair

Our expert technicians conduct AC diagnostics and provide respective repairs such as compressor repair or replacement, AC filter replacement, and any leak detection and repairs.

Bodywork Repair

We provide bodywork repairs to address issues associated with dents, scratches, paintwork, bumper and panel repair or replacement, and dealing with rust.

Installation of Accessories

At Auto Aid, we specialize in installing advanced technology or accessories. This includes audio system upgrades, security system installation, parking sensors or camera installation, custom lighting, and performance modifications.

Repair of Engine Control Unit (ECU)

We provide ECU repair services which include ECU diagnostics, fault code reading, ECU repair and reprogramming, sensor calibrations, and performance tuning.

Decarbonization of Engine

Our engine decarbonization service consists of various stages, they are fuel system cleaning, combustion chamber cleaning, and emission control system check to improve the performance of the engine.

Bike Repair Service

We have dedicated technicians for bike service Chandigarh, which includes engine repairs, electrical systems, tire and wheel alignment, brakes, chain oil or replacement, and suspension servicing.

Features of Vehicle Repair Services

Improve Safety

Getting your vehicle repaired whenever it needs to control damaging the parts completely and also prevent any accidents in the future.

Avoid Breakdowns

Ignoring the repairs will result in damaging the respective parts completely and result in unexpected breakdowns.

Reduce Expenses

Regularly getting your vehicle repaired will improve its health and also reduce the expenses associated with future damage.

Great Longevity

Scheduled repair services will improve the overall health of your vehicle by ensuring the smooth functionality of the spare parts.

Better Performance

Regularly repairing the faulty parts helps in the proper functioning of the engine which results in better performance.

Follow These Easy Steps to Access Our Repair Services

Get the Auto Aid app from the Play Store

Download the Auto Aid and enter your basic details such as name, location, and mobile number.

Book Your Required Services

Browse across our wide range of services and book your desired service for instant assistance.

Obtain instant vehicle repair services

Our customer support will contact you immediately and send a certified mechanic to your location.

What Makes Us The Top-Rated Car Repair Service in Chandigarh

Professional Expertise

Our vehicle repair technicians come with experience and expertise to provide fast and effective service options for everyone.

In-depth Analysis

Vehicles will undergo in-depth analysis for all the possible causes using advanced technology and tools.

Genuine Spare Parts

At Auto Aid, we only provide genuine and first-quality spare parts to ensure the longevity and safety of your vehicle.

Advanced Repair Tools

We follow industry standards, and incorporate the latest and advanced technology into our service centers to provide effective solutions.

On-Time Delivery

Our services are designed to provide fast and seamless on-time delivery services for every single customer.

Availability Throughout Chandigarh

Services All Over Chandigarh

We have partnered with many experienced technicians and service centers all across Chandigarh to provide immediate assistance.

Stories of Trust and Satisfaction

Here is what our thrilled users have to say.
Arjun Vijayan
Arjun Vijayan
Happy Customer
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Excellent and very user-friendly app. My car stopped at Thrissur and I searched for any mechanic near me but I couldn't find any mechanic. Then I use this app, They call immediately and they arrange a good mechanic for us, and I am very satisfied. Good customer care services. I suggest that an app for emergency services.
Vimal Nair
Vimal Nair
Happy Customer
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Auto Aid definitely is truly amazing for first-time users. Currently, the option is in Kerela. I had my car stuck in mud for almost 2 days. I was upset and helpless when my friend referred me to the app. I had Sreejith the consulting manager who reached out to me proactively and followed up constantly to understand the situation and provided all the options. He later ensured there was a mechanic in a 10 km radius to come and help. Recommend All KL people try it.
Cyril Jacob Harriet
Cyril Jacob Harriet
Happy Customer
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Used the services again after a year and still the same quality of service and follow-ups from customer care. It was a good experience using the app, especially the customer care follow-up for speedy service. It's cheap to get service at the doorstep and cheaper than getting a mechanic to repair during a breakdown of the vehicle. Keep up the good work for prompt service.
Nikhil S Babu
Nikhil S Babu
Happy Customer
Read More
Very useful app. My bike stopped at night and I didn't know what to do. I tried the app for the first time. And more than satisfied with the response. After that, a technician came by and helped me start the vehicle. All along there was a helpline customer care executive who was in touch with me and thanks to all behind the app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The most common signs include dashboard warning lights, reduced performance of the vehicle, unusual vibrations and noises from the car and engine, smoke and leaks, and unfunctional brakes and gears.
You can check the progress of your vehicle repair by contacting our dedicated customer service support at any point in the repair process. They will guide you through the status of your vehicle and every other thing.
We take extra precautions and safety measures throughout the vehicle servicing process to ensure the quality and safety of your vehicle. We value customer satisfaction and that is why we provide a warranty on all the services we provide.
Yes, every part of our service is crafted with the customer in mind. This allows us to accommodate specific schedules for both car and two wheeler repair and service to provide urgent repairs to the people in need.
We provide a warranty on the services we offer, you can contact our customer support team post-repair if you encounter any problem related to the same issue.
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