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Vehicle Maintenance in Chennai

Give your vehicle a power boost for optimal performance and fuel efficiency and drive worry-free with Auto Aid’s reliable vehicle maintenance services.

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Car Maintenance Services in Chennai

If you are someone who regularly uses their vehicle for all transportation purposes or someone who regularly drives in traffic, you should give your vehicle for periodic maintenance. The vehicle’s health is directly proportional to the length of distance it traveled plus the way the owner drives the car.
It is mandatory to get your vehicle serviced at regular intervals to improve its health, performance, and fuel efficiency in the long run. This will allow your vehicle to run smoothly at all times.

Our Vehicle Maintenance & Repair Services Include

Car's Maintenance

Basic Car Periodic Maintenance

Our basic routine vehicle maintenance in Chennai covers all the basic services to keep your car running smoothly. This service includes replacing engine oil and wiper fluid, top-up of coolant and battery water, inspecting the heater and spark plug, car wash, cleaning of air filter, and brake pad check.

Premium Car Periodic Maintenance

Our premium car maintenance service in Chennai is designed to inspect every part of your car’s body thoroughly and deliver health reports of the complete analysis. Premium service covers all the basic car periodic services and offers replacements if needed, along with a thorough evaluation of every aspect of the car from polishing the dashboard and adjusting tire pressure, to executing tire rotation, wheel alignment, and balancing.

Bike's Maintenance

Basic Bike Periodic Maintenance

Our basic bike service is designed to cover all the basic parts of the bike to keep your vehicle health optimal. This includes oil and filter change, chain lubrication and adjustment, brake inspection and adjustment, battery check, and tire inspection and inflation.

Premium Bike Periodic Maintenance

If you want to ensure your bike’s health in the long run opt for our all-inclusive bike periodic maintenance service in Chennai that covers all the basic plan features and spark plug replacement, air filter replacement, coolant system check, throttle and carburetor cleaning, suspension check, and full wash and wax.

Seamless Process of Availing Our Maintenance Services

Download the Auto Aid App

Download the Auto Aid app to book your vehicle’s desired maintenance service.

Provide Necessary Details

Provide all the necessary information such as name, mobile number, location, and desired service request for respective assistance.

Access Instant Vehicle Maintenance Services

Choose the required maintenance service and enjoy all of our services from the comfort of your home.

Benefits of Vehicle Periodic Maintenance

Improved Performance

Regular servicing and maintenance of your vehicle will allow it to operate at its best and improve its overall performance.

Preventive Care

Maintenance can identify potential issues of the car before they escalate minimizing the risk of major breakdowns and costly repairs.

Extended Lifespan

Regular maintenance will enhance the longevity of your vehicle, saving you money in the long run for major repairs.

Fuel Efficiency

Well-maintained vehicles will have better fuel efficiency which will help you in saving you money at the pump.

Safety Assurance

Periodic checks will improve vehicle safety and reduce the risk of accidents due to mechanical failures.

Why Choose Us

Real-time Vehicle Diagnostics

We have designed our services to provide you with real-time diagnostics to ensure the precise condition of your vehicle's health.

Certified Service Technicians

We have dedicated service expert technicians who are spread across Chennai and offer only top-notch and reliable service and maintenance services.

Multi-point Vehicle Inspection

We are known for our creative approach to offering multi-point vehicle inspection, where our technicians cross-check after every service to make sure everything works flawlessly.

Stories of Trust and Satisfaction

Here is what our thrilled users have to say.
Arjun Vijayan
Arjun Vijayan
Happy Customer
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Excellent and very user-friendly app. My car stopped at Thrissur and I searched for any mechanic near me but I couldn't find any mechanic. Then I use this app, They call immediately and they arrange a good mechanic for us, and I am very satisfied. Good customer care services. I suggest that an app for emergency services.
Vimal Nair
Vimal Nair
Happy Customer
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Auto Aid definitely is truly amazing for first-time users. Currently, the option is in Kerela. I had my car stuck in mud for almost 2 days. I was upset and helpless when my friend referred me to the app. I had Sreejith the consulting manager who reached out to me proactively and followed up constantly to understand the situation and provided all the options. He later ensured there was a mechanic in a 10 km radius to come and help. Recommend All KL people try it.
Cyril Jacob Harriet
Cyril Jacob Harriet
Happy Customer
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Used the services again after a year and still the same quality of service and follow-ups from customer care. It was a good experience using the app, especially the customer care follow-up for speedy service. It's cheap to get service at the doorstep and cheaper than getting a mechanic to repair during a breakdown of the vehicle. Keep up the good work for prompt service.
Nikhil S Babu
Nikhil S Babu
Happy Customer
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Very useful app. My bike stopped at night and I didn't know what to do. I tried the app for the first time. And more than satisfied with the response. After that, a technician came by and helped me start the vehicle. All along there was a helpline customer care executive who was in touch with me and thanks to all behind the app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Periodic maintenance frequency depends on your vehicle type, usage, and the distance it traveled. Our experts can guide you on the ideal schedule customized to your needs.
Yes, periodic maintenance can vary between motorcycles and cars due to differences in their engines, other components, and usage. Our technicians provide the same specialized care for each.
We do not provide courtesy vehicles but will provide transportation options to ensure your convenience while your vehicle is undergoing maintenance.
It is advised to bring your vehicle registration, insurance details, and any relevant service records to facilitate a smooth check-in process.
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