How to Get a Spare Car Key Without the Original

Get A Spare Car Key 

Losing or misplacing your car keys can be a significant inconvenience, especially if you don’t have a backup. This guide will provide you with all the information you need to get a spare car key without the original, ensuring you’re never caught off guard.

Importance of Having a Spare Car Key

Before diving into the process, it’s essential to understand why having a spare car key is crucial. Here are some reasons:

  • Convenience: A spare key can save you from the hassle of being locked out of your car, especially in urgent situations.
  • Safety: It reduces the risk of being stranded in unsafe locations.
  • Cost-Effective: Getting a spare key in advance can be more affordable than emergency locksmith services.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing you have a backup key can alleviate stress and worry.

Understanding Car Key Types

Before you contact a service for a spare key, it’s crucial to identify the type of key your car uses. Here’s a brief overview of the common types:

  • Traditional Metal Keys: Simple keys without any electronic components.
  • Transponder Keys: Keys with a chip that communicates with the car’s ignition system for added security.
  • Smart Keys: Keyless entry systems that allow you to start your car with the push of a button.
  • Remote Key Fobs: Keys with buttons to lock/unlock doors and sometimes to start the car.

Options for Getting a Car Key Without the Original

1. Contact a Professional Car Key Maker

Professional car key makers can create a car key even without the original. These experts use advanced tools and technology to replicate keys accurately. Services are typically quick, reliable, and available at your doorstep.


  • Convenience: Mobile services mean they come to you.
  • Expertise: Skilled professionals ensure the key works perfectly with your vehicle.
  • Availability: Many offer 24/7 services for emergencies.

2. Visit a Dealership

Your car’s dealership can provide a spare key based on your vehicle’s key code. This option ensures high compatibility with your car’s security system.


  • Reliability: Guaranteed to work with your vehicle.
  • Comprehensive Service: Often includes programming and other services.


  • Cost: Typically more expensive than other options.
  • Time: May take longer compared to mobile services.

Steps to Get a Spare Car Key Without the Original

Step 1: Identify Your Key Type

Knowing your key type helps determine the best approach for getting a spare. Check your car manual or consult your dealership if unsure.

Step 2: Gather Vehicle Information

Before contacting a service provider, gather the necessary details about your vehicle:

  • Make and Model
  • Year
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Registration and Proof of Ownership

Step 3: Choose a Reliable Service

Selecting a reputable car key replacement service is crucial. Look for professional car key makers or dealerships with positive reviews and a track record of reliability.

Step 4: Get the Key Programmed

If you use a transponder key or a smart key, programming is essential. Most professional car key makers and dealerships offer this service to ensure the key functions correctly with your vehicle’s security system.

Advantages of Using AutoAid for Car Key Services

When it comes to obtaining a spare car key, using a reliable and efficient service is crucial. AutoAid is a trusted name in the industry, providing top-notch services. Whether you need a duplicate key maker or a complete car key replacement, AutoAid offers comprehensive solutions to meet your needs.

How to Use AutoAid for Spare Car Key Services

  1. Download the AutoAid App: Start by downloading the AutoAid app on your smartphone. This app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

  2. Request a Service: Open the app and request a key replacement service. Provide the necessary details about your vehicle, such as the make, model, and year.

  3. Professional Assistance: AutoAid will connect you with a professional car key maker or locksmith in your area. These experts will come to your location, cutting and programming your new key on the spot.

  4. Enjoy Peace of Mind: With your new car key, you can drive with confidence, knowing you have a backup in case of emergencies.


Losing your car keys or being locked out of your vehicle can be a stressful experience. However, with the right approach and the help of professional services, getting a spare car key without the original is entirely feasible. Whether you choose a car key maker or a dealership, ensure you select a reputable service provider to guarantee quality and reliability.

AutoAid is an excellent option for obtaining a spare car key, offering convenient and professional services through their user-friendly app. Download the AutoAid app today for breakdown assistance services anytime, anywhere.

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